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Elevate Your Industry Presence with Thought Leadership Research

Are you ready to present your brand as an industry leader, capture the attention of your target audience, and inspire change?

Through comprehensive market research and data-inspired storytelling, we enable your brand to express its unique perspective on the current state of its industry and the trends that are shaping its future.

Here’s a short case study that showcases our strategy and research process.

2022 State-of ESG Research 


ESG was the highest trending buzzword in business in 2022, so we decided to commission a research study to uncover the driving force behind this phenomenon.

The adoption and integration of ESG principles within businesses and investment practices have become increasingly widespread and influential in recent years, with a positive correlation between strong ESG performance and financial and reputational outcomes.


Some of the critical questions we wanted to answer were:

  • Can we predict whether ESG is merely a short-lived trend or a new way to drive business outcomes in the near and long-term future?

  • Is it an idea that’s being tossed around boardrooms, or are organizations adopting it as a metric of organizational, strategic and tactical success?

  • Are there any variations in the adoption and impact of ESG practices across different industries, with certain sectors showing more advanced ESG integration due to industry-specific challenges and opportunities?

  • What influence does the investment decisions of institutional and retail investors have as they increasingly consider factors focused on ESG metrics and how disclosure impacts capital allocation and investment returns?

  • Are organizations, regardless of their size, looking at ESG as a regulatory mandate or are they seeing it as an opportunity to build a well-differentiated and progressive organization?

  • What role does ESG play in consumers’ purchase decisions, and are there any segments that favor products from progressive companies that have a strong ESG profile?


Research Design

There was no single segment that could answer all these questions, so we decided to create separate online surveys for three separate groups:

  1. Decision-makers and C-suite executives (across all organizational functions) of small, medium and large businesses

  2. Institutional and retail Investors

  3. General consumers from diverse age-groups, genders and lifestyles.


Qualitative pre-study (In-depth interviews)

Since there was not much secondary data in the public domain, we interviewed 12 C-suite executives who have successfully integrated ESG considerations into their operations and decision-making processes. This pre-study helped us gauge the pulse of the market and formulate the right questions to ask in the online survey tailored to these three segments.


Research Operations

ONR has invested in our own proprietary survey software that focuses on response bias & fatigue. We use best-known methods in online surveys to deliver a completion rate of over 90% from survey respondents, captured by our on-premises data center that is equipped with tier-1 data security.

Our sample teams are adept at fulfilling even the most challenging sample sizes and quotas. For this study, even with its less complicated sample, we challenged the team to field three distinct surveys for 1100 shoppers, 500 business-decision makers and 300 investment professionals in less than two weeks. We managed to field the whole study in less than 5 days.

Our commitment to data quality is paramount. On top of a cutting-edge AI-engine, our team of expert data analysts manually checked over 2200 respondents and removed almost 25% of inattentive respondents. 


Analysis and Storytelling

We craft stories to bridge the gap between information and understanding.

Numbers alone can convey facts, but it's the art of storytelling through data that creates significance. Data is the raw material, but narrative transforms it into a compelling story that captivates, educates, inspires and help your brand establish its expert voice.

Our team members are not merely data analysts who know the math behind the data; we go beyond by transforming data and building data models before applying any advanced/predictive analytics.  

With data from three distinct surveys across three segments, we had our work cut out for us. We took apart all three data-sets and put together an analysis plan that helped us compare and contrast perspectives from these segments, noting some surprising commonalities among them.

Download the infographic that showcase our take on State-of-ESG  

How ESG is shaping strategies across the organization

what role do the customers play in making businesses rethink their business practices?

How sustainable investing is driving widespread adoption of ESG Metrics? 

What industries or type of organizations are at the forefront of ESG adoption and what kind of challenges are ahead of them?

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