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Data Processing


Building unbreakable customer relationships

We extract the right customer knowledge from your data to maximize your brand's performance. 

Transforming your data into customer knowledge

ONR extracts customer knowledge so that you can confidently prioritize the right actions and deepen customer relationships. We transform data into customer knowledge to tell memorable customer stories. Our recommendations motivate and guide team members and stakeholders to take the right actions that deepen customer relationships.


Customer Satisfaction Study

Kick-off your CX efforts by establishing a baseline of your current customer satisfaction and identify drivers of overall customer satisfaction through advanced predictive analytics.


NPS Research

Identify who your promoters and detractors are and learn where you stand among your industry peers. Discover the nuanced differences between your customer relationship NPS & experience NPS. Understand the key customer moments and interactions that lead to promoters to drive your NPS further.


Customer Effort Score

Understand the alignment between your support staff and customer expectations that drive efficient actions. Identify and remove friction from customer interactions to improve your customer experience.


Post-purchase Experience

Get a deeper understanding of what customers liked and disliked about their purchase experience in order to minimize customer efforts and make the buying process easier.


Digital CX Research

Collect feedback directly within your digital properties like mobile apps, webapps, desktop applications and other digital systems to develop insights into your customers’ digital behavior.


Website Experience

Get actionable feedback from visitors across your website to improve the user experience, save time and resources, and increase conversion.

Transformative Architects of Customer Experience

​Fuel your CX strategy with right customer data

With OnResearch, you can go beyond the standard CX metrics and uncover what customers really have to say about their experience with your brand. The foundation of a strong CX strategy is the ‘right’ customer data. Our team of experts work closely with you to understand your business before asking your customers their level of satisfaction and likelihood to recommend you.


We uncover the experience and efforts across various stages of your customers’ journey to give you meaningful insights and actionable recommendations to kick-start your Customer Experience transformation journey.


For over a decade, we have been helping brands like Intel build a robust customer experience strategy across entire customer journey across different customer segments. 

  • 20% response rate to email surveys and 90% completion rates

  • Proprietary survey engine designed ease and user experience in mind

  • Cutting-edge Data science capabilities to give you richer insights into your customer 

Reach the Top


In his book, Jason Ten-Pow our CEO and best-selling author pulls back the curtain on brands that seem to effortlessly build and maintain unbreakable customer relationships.

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Most businesses have gone digital. That creates a higher set of expectations on the part of the customer. And with digital native cloud companies like Google, Facebook and Uber now embedded in our lives, people have come to expect great digital experiences. The bar is set very high.


Danny Winokur

Chief Customer Officer




For over 20 years Jason Ten-Pow our CEO has been helping companies transform their customer relationships in ways that generate greater and sustaining revenue and profits.

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